Snow Plow Plan

We have been hearing about snow all over the United States and now it is finally our turn.

The snow made for some pretty excited students and great photo opportunities, but it can also be dangerous.     

The city of Richland hasn't stopped plowing the streets since last night.

With more snow in the forecast as soon as the plows clear the way another layer of salt is added to the roads.

Most cities already have their next plan of attack in place.

"The plan in my guys will probably be there until 3:30 most of them will go home and get some rest. Then I'll monitor the streets myself by watching the weather and ill also drive the streets myself," said Dave Pardini the street maintenance supervisor for the city of Richland. 

Many people also have their own driveways to worry about.

One Ranch and Home employee says days like this is why they always keep those snow shovels in the shelf.

While we know snow is in the forecast we never know exactly how much to expect.

 So we can enjoy the beauty it brings while we wait patiently for the streets to be saftely plowed.

Photos Courtsey of Shawn Watson.

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