Social Media Highlights from Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl has become more than just a football game. It's now also about the commercials, halftime show, and what people are saying on social media.

More than  24.9 millions tweets were sent out during yesterday's Super Bowl, peaking at 380,000 tweets per minute in the third quarter with Percy Harvin's 87 yard kickoff return for a touch down.

Harvin was actually the most tweeted about player on the Seahawks beating out Richard Sherman and Russel Wilson.

On the Broncos side Peyton Manning takes the most tweeted about title,  followed by Eric Decker and Wes Welker.

Joe Namath's fur coat is buzzing around social media.

The former New York Jets quarterback wore it during the coin toss and within minutes the coat had its own twitter handle, @joenamathcoat.

Fans also took to Twitter and Facebook to express their opinion about the Bruno Mars/ Red Hot Chili Peppers halftime show.

We put a post on our Facebook page asking what you thought and the responses are mixed.

Cate Smith said "I loved it. I always love collaberations with different genres of groups."

Penny Acselrod said "I absoutly hated it. Last song was good. I was just glad when it was over."

As always Super Bowl commercials are a hot topic of discussion.

Budwiser's "puppy love" took the top spot in the USA Today Ad Meter poll.

Bob Lachky a former Anheuser Busch executive who created Budweiser's Super Bowl commercials for 15 years said he's not suprised that spot is ranked numebr one.

"With the female skew of the audience on Super Bowl Sunday, the fact that it's not a controversial type of approach its something that always speaks about good values how could it not do well," said Lachky.

On our Facebook page Stephanie Madrigal agreed with the ranking.

While Ryan Gribble thinks the Seinfield and Doritos Time Machine commercial are better than the Budweiser one.

Even though there were a  few good commercials overall people say they wern't that impressed this year.

"Some of them were great and I thought good for the company and others were just totally a disapointment because of all the typical mistakes people make. Too many inside jokes, celebrites that don't make sense or too long," said Lachky.    

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