Sozo sports complex reopens turf field

Tomorrow Sozo sports complex in Yakima will reopen one of their turf fields for use.

Sozo stopped having sport games and practices late November before the snow season began.

This was to ensure the safety of the players.

Sozo crews have been working hard in the last couple days to clear the snow as quickly as possible for tomorrows scheduled matches.

"Unless there is a huge storm we will be fine the rest of the year with just a little bit of clean up here or there and hopefully it starts to warm up and we won't have any," said Sozo sports complex board member Rich Austin.

Sozo has already skipped out on six to eight different days of play.

But the complex is looking forward to make up for it.

Sozo currently has two turf fields and six grass fields.

The second turf field will reopen on February 4th.

The grass fields do not have a set date yet.

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