Spring Barrel Tasting Begins

It's that time of the year, when the bottles are popped and glasses are never empty.

For all, it's a chance to sample the finest wines the valley and basin have to offer -- for many it's a tradition they wouldn't miss.

"We really enjoy the event, [there's] a lot of really fun people," said Jeff Dalman of Covington, "We just decide to keep coming back each year, it's a really fun weekend spent."

Today marks the first day of Spring Barrel tasting -- a weekend where people from across the country get a chance to sample the latest products soon to be released on the market.

Winetasters can purchase passes through the Wine Association, giving them access to the dozens of tasting rooms spread across our area.

"We've gone to California to do some wine tasting, and we found that we really like our Washington wines better," said Christy Moore of Auburn.

For wine makers, this weekend gives them the opportunity to test their products on the consumers.

"It's just kind of a fun time to release our little babies out into the world and get the feedback from the public," said Sabra Nelson of Treveri Cellars.

This year's Spring Barrel is expected to bring in at least 3,000 unique visitors through Sunday, a lot of them returning customers.

"Spend the weekend, come out here, try the wines, mingle with the people," said Dalman, "It's a very-very well spent weekend."

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