Stanfield citizens demand local plant to immediately fix odor problem

Stanfield dehydration plant

STANFIELD, ORE - For several months, citizens of Stanfield have been furious over the smell of dehydrated potatoes from the 3D Idapro Solutions Plant. 

Back in February, a fire broke out at the plant that destroyed the scrubber that contains the smell that comes from the plant. 

For citizens like Bruce Lemmon, the issue is long overdue, and affecting the daily lives of people that live in Stanfield. 

"This stink is so bad anymore you can't even leave your windows open during the day when it's warm," said Lemmon. " You can't go out for a BBQ or anything because the smell is so bad that it ruins your appetite."

A scrubber was immediately replaced at the factory, but according to Stanfield City Manager Blair Larsen, it didn't last long. 

"They started with an off the shelf system that didn't work,"said Larsen. "It was not correctly sized because they really need to be custom designed."

3D Idapro Solutions have released an improvement plan to fix the problem. So far, they have installed a temporary odor neutralization system and completed the site grading. 

By the end of the weekend, the plant is expected to complete a covered building over the receiving yard to reduce smells, and the new air scrubber should be online by the end of next month.

3D Idapro Solutions Spokesperson Chris Edmonds have heard frustrations from the city, and says they are doing everything on their side to resolve this issue as soon as possible. 

"We understand why it's frustrating to everybody," said Edmonds. "I think there has been a stronger resolve to do everything in our power to quickly get this situation under control." 

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