Startup Weekend Idea Turned Into a Business

The second Tri-Cities startup weekend took place over the weekend.

Startup weekend is an event for anyone with a business idea.

You pitch your idea to a group of peers and local business owners Friday.

 If they think your idea is one of the stronger ones you create a team with other people attending startup weekend, and have until Sunday to pitch the final product.

Last year's second place winner Erick Flieger and his team has taken his idea past startup weekend and will soon be opening the doors of their business.

"Sun Spirits Distillery, it's a craft distillery in Washington State with the new liquor laws. What we will use is solar power so well use solar thermal energy for the heat process of what distilling needs," said Flieger.

Flieger and his seven member team ahs been working for the last six months to make his idea a reality.

Fast forward to now and as soon as the liquor license is complete, Sun Spirits should be open.

 A computer game called Dragon was the winner of this past weekend's startup.

 Flieger has a little advice for the game's designers if they truly want to make the game a viable product.

"Keep the momentum going. You don't want to take a break on it at all. The longer you wait to continue your idea the harder it is to get it back up and going. Continuing moving it forward so you can make it into a business," said Fleiger.

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