Staying Cool in Ellensburg

No matter what time of the day in the summer, you'll always see Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park packed with people.

The park surrounds a small body of water, known to the locals as "People's Pond."

It's been around for as long as people can remember, it plays host to floaters, loungers, and even pets.

As one of the few bodies of water in town, locals say it's become a staple to Ellensburg.

"I mean, there's the Yakima River, but it's a lot colder and some people don't like swimming in the river," said Kaisa Hall, "So this is pretty much the only place to go besides the pool, and that's inside, you've got to be outside."

"I just like to go swimming, you don't have anywhere else to go swimming during the summer outside," said Brayton Leach, "So we come here an go swimming, hang out with friends, hang out with the ladies."

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