Steve Driscoll Announces Candidacy for Yakima Co. Clerk

The race for who will be the next Yakima County Clerk is heating up.

40-year-old Steve Driscoll announced today he's running for the position.

Driscoll has spent more than 18 years as a Yakima County employee and is the current representative in courtroom proceedings for the Yakima County Superior Court Juvenile Division Probation Department.

He says he plans to implement the four objectives if elected:

  • Improve coordination of services with Superior Court Personnel and Judicial Staff to ensure quality assurance and overall efficiency
  • Aggressively pursue untapped resources for the purposes of collecting Court-ordered monetary fines/fees/restitution currently owed to victims of crime and to Yakima County 
  • Ensure the proper training, evaluation, and personal development of department employees and programs
  • Provide a more reliable and greater service to the general public concerning Clerk-related duties

He is running as a Republican.

Last month, Franklin County Clerk Michael Killian announced his bid for re-election.

He has served Franklin County as County Clerk since 2000.

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