Stolen Veterans Memorial Items Recovered

The helmet and M-16 rifle stolen from the West Richland Veterans Memorial has been recovered.

The veterans said when they got the news that the pieces had been found they were most surprised about where they were found.

West Richland police said they found the helmet and rifle behind the Benton County Mosquito Control Building in an area of sage brush.

The helmet and riffle appear to be in good condition and the veterans said they plan to use them again in the memorial.

The veterans said going forward they want to update the current memorial, possibly making it larger.

They also wanted to add some type of security measure to the memorial.

If all goes according to plan the veterans hope to have a new memorial complete by July 4th.

The first step for them is fundraising and coming up with ideas for the updated memorial, and they are hoping for the communities help on both of these.

Below are the links of where to send ideas or donations.

Send ideas to:

Donations: West Richland Chamber of Commerce or   

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