String Burglaries at Home Construction Sites

The Kennewick Police are investigating three separate overnight residential burglaries, all within a few blocks of each other in a development under construction.

The burglars didn't take one kind of item like just tools or just electronics.

They took everything, including the front door.

One of the homes targeted is in the early stages of construction.

The owner and builder arrived this morning to find that the hinges had been removed and his front door was gone.

The house right next door was also broken into.

In that home thieves took items like tools and lights but left the big expensive things like an industrial saw.

Daren Nehls a sub-contractor for the builder said that break ins like this aren't that uncommon.

He said every now and then there is a rash of burglaries on construction sites.

In fact, this is the second time one of the houses had been targeted.  

Nehls said it is not uncommon for the same house or trailer to get broken into multiple times because thieves know that contractors are going to have to go buy brand new tools after the first hit so they come back for round two.

Two of the builders believe the burglars entered through the garage using some type of device that scrambles garage codes until the door opens.

Another sub-contractor saidthese burglaries are frustrating because expensive tools have a very small resell value.

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