Strip club coming to Kennewick, business license pending

KENNEWICK, Wash.-- A strip club could be coming to Kennewick in place of the former Lucky Bridge Casino on 101 South Gum Street near the cable bridge.

The City Stars Gentlemen's Club is awaiting the approval of a business license filed last week. City officials say the city looks for "buffer zones" when considering licenses for adult entertainment venues. 

City code states a strip club cannot be within 500 feet of a church, school, park, residential area, or other adult entertainment venue.

The city determined the gentlemen's club would not be in violation of these standards, according to Evelyn Lusignan, the Public Relations and Customer Service Manager for the City of Kennewick.

Lusignan said business license approval is reliant on the building passing safety inspections and the club's staff and entertainers passing background checks with the Kennewick Police Department.

The club is advertising openings on Craigslist, saying it is in need of entertainers and wait staff. In the Craigslist ad, the strip club is described as "a modern and upscale gentlemen's club."

The ad says the club will be hiring soon and will be opening in December.

City officials say the city has 30 days to approve or deny the business license.

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