Students Scheduled to Speak with Ki-Be Superintendent Right Now

Today is the fourth day students and parents from Kiona-Benton High School are protesting against the school board to get some answers to all of the recent personnel changes made by the board.

Right now, a few of those students and their parents are in a meeting with Superintendent Wade Haun to discuss everything.

Ki-be high school student Tristan Renz wants to demand Haun hold a public meeting where every question is answered.

Protesters said questions they've asked at recent board meetings have been flat out ignored.

Issues range from the school's girls wrestling coach attempting to file a restraining order against the board president after claims of harassment, the resignation of the former superintendent, to the removal of the athletic directors' position.

Members of the community are frustrated that they have no idea what is going on within the walls of their children's schools.

One mother tells me, she's upset it had to come to this, picketing in front of the school with one side against the other.

She said parents and administrators should be working together on one common goal, bettering all the students, not bickering and keeping secrets.

A few of the parents said they grew up in this community and were students in the Ki-Be School District, they said it was once a great place to go to school and they said now, in their opinion, all of that has changed.

They said students are no longer the priority and with all of them having more than one child in the district, they hope things will change.

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