Super Bowl Talk for Football Rookies

Whether you're a football fan or not, you'll probably be watching the Super Bowl.

Here's what a football rookie needs to know come Sunday's game.

"If I was at a Super Bowl party and I wanted to look like I knew what I was talking about, I would research the players," said Tiffany Filan, a Seahawks fan.

So we'll start with that: Players.

"When #24, Marshawn Lynch, runs the ball you should be yelling, "Beast Mode," that's just the nickname he goes by," said Roy Vidaurri. "Also on the defensive side with #25, Richard Sherman, it's, "Shut Down Sherman."

Some interesting history about Seattle Seahawks' quarterback Russell Wilson...

"He played baseball here in Tri-Cities for the Dust Devils and now here he is playing pro-ball and considered one of the best quarterbacks in the league," said Jamie Cotton.

Another important fact to look out for when it comes to both teams: The Seahawks' defense is #1 in the league.

"Seattle secondary, commonly know as the, "Legion of Boom," has got two candidates for defensive player of the year and they're just completely dominant with their game," said Cotton.

The Denver Broncos' offense is #1 in the league, so, what do we need to know about that challenge for the 'Hawks "D"?

"Anybody watching the game for the first time, expect to see a fast defense from the Seahawks, you'll see them do everything they can to intercept the ball, going after the quarterback just distrupt the play," said Cotton. "A lot of people say they've got the advantage because Peyton Manning is not a mobile quarterback, it makes him an easy target."

So when the best is going up against the best, any doubts we'll win?

"No, I know how good our defense is, and I know how good the Broncos' offense is but they haven't faced a defense like ours," said Cotton.

Two other things I learned: first, the, "12th Man," comes from the fact that the 'Hawks retired  #12 in honor of the team's fans.

Second, don't dare wear orange around here these days.

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