SWAT Team Keeps Armored Vehicle

The Tri-Cities Regional SWAT team has an important member of it's team back.

The "Peacekeeper" is called out to SWAT missions to protect officers and other people from rifle fire.

It's a military surplus vehicle that was given an armor upgrade several years ago.

Recently, the engine gave out and law enforment thought they would have to go ahead and retire it, but a $5000 donation changed all that.

Now the engine is back up and running, so the "peacekeeper" can now help the "Bearcat."

Officers say having two vehicles is necessary for safety.

"The importance of these is they're resistant to rifle fire and anytime one of these deploys, tactical officers are inside and behind them to keep safe. So they're the barrier between where the suspect is and where the officers are," Cpt. Mike Cobb of the Richland Police Dept.

Officers say the armored vehicles also assist neighboring cities with SWAT calls.

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