Tax Deadline Is Tomorrow: Out of Time and Need To File An Extension

On the eve of the deadline to file taxes many people may find themselves scrambling to tie up loose ends or coming to a realization that they will need an extension.

The internal revenue service has already received nearly 100 million tax returns and anticipates getting about 35 million more by midnight tomorrow.

For those of you who can't make Uncle Sam's deadline there is always the option to file for an extension.

Local CPA Chirs Porter said don't panic, this is very common.

"An extension is a very easy thing to do, its very common, and contrary to popular belief filing an extension does not put you on some black list for the IRS." said Porter.

He said it also won't make you more likely to get audited or put any kind of mark on your record.

The IRS expects roughly 12 million taxpayers will request an extensionn, giving them until October 15th to prepare their return.  

Porter said there are three ways to go about filing for an extension.

"Google form 4868 which is the extension, you could fill it out and mail it to the IRS, make sure it is post marked by April 15th. Alternatively you can go online, there's many tax preparation companies that will allow you to file an extension through their website for free. Lastly you can call up a professional and have them file an extension for you."

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