Teen Saves Grandmother from Burning Home

A morning house fire in Pasco heavily damages a home and threatens the woman who lives there; she is okay tonight thanks to the efforts of her granddaughter, who happened to be visiting at the time.

"I smelled some burning rubber but I didn't think it was anything at first and then I saw black smoke and I went by the shed and the whole back of the house was on fire," said 18-year-old Desarea Estavillo.

Estavillo was checking on her grandmother who lives in the home on 7th Ave. off Lewis St.

Estavillo said she went outside for a few minutes to take the trash out when she noticed the flames where the garage and yard that contains propane tanks and tires are.

She said she ran inside to wake up her grandmother and within 10 minutes, the fire spead throughout the house.

"She's old and she has dementia," said Estavillo. "What would've happened if I didn't go in there? It's just kind of a scary thought."

Estavillo was also able to get her grandmother's four dogs out of the house too.

More than 30 firefighters from several local fire stations were needed to contain the flames.

It was the combination of Estavillo's actions and a good samaritan's phone call that helped prevent anyone from getting hurt and the fire from potentially spreading.

"The flames were pretty high and I saw a couple of people walking up to look and it didn't seem like anyone had maybe called 9-1-1 to help, so we called," said Natashia Mitchell, who was driving by the house.

There is no word on what caused the fire, fire crews are still investigating.

The Red Cross met with the woman who lived in the home and will assist her with a hotel to stay in and other essential items she'll need to get back on her feet.

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