Text 9-1-1 comes to Yakima County

Text 9-1-1 is now available for residents and visitors in Yakima County.

Yakima County joins eight other counties in Washington to offer text 9-1-1.

When people text 9-1-1 they will first receive a message saying, “This is 911, if it is safe to make a voice call, please call 911.” Calling 9-1-1 is still preferred over texting.

SunComm, the Public Safety Communications Division, says the service is intended to benefit callers who have emergencies that may jeopardize their safety or make the situation worse if they were to call 9-1-1. Other situations for use may include people who have trouble speaking or the hearing impaired and for those residents who have a weak signal, but cant send a text.

The service does not have ability to send photos or any other type of media. Callers are encouraged to provide these to first responders when they arrive. 

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