The Better Business Bureau warns of charity scams following Vegas shooting

LAS VEGAS, Nev.-- The Better Business Bureau reports scammers are taking advantage of people willing to give to victims in need following the mass shooting in Las Vegas this past weekend.

The BBB said tragic events often attract scammers attempting to get money using crowd sourcing sites, such as GoFundMe.

"Do a little bit of research and find out who is setting up the account," said Kirstin Davis, Marketplace Director for the Better Business Bureau. "Does the family or victim actually know that the money is being raised on their behalf? Things like that."

Davis said crowd sourcing sites can be risky because there is often no way to determine if the organizations are legitimate or fraudulent.

She said people should look out for photos that appear fake, vague information about the charity, or sites with no contact information.

For a list of reputable organizations, you can go to

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