Thunderstorm Damage Clean-Up

Some people in our area are spending their day today cleaning up because yesterday's thunderstorm left behind a mess.

"I recommended everybody on the job site get off scaffolds and get inside the building and nobody on the roof, said Craig Mittelstaed, project superintendent of construction at the new Marriott Suites in Kennewick. "We shut the job down at 2:30 p.m."

That order was given to construction workers immediately following an emergency broadcast, warning the community about the thunderstorm.

When those 60 mph winds hit the area, scaffolding at the construction site was knocked over.

Crews spent some time getting it all back to normal today.

One Richland woman was surprised at what the winds did to her tree.

"We came home and our neighbor said, 'What happened to your tree?' and I was joking and said, 'Did it fall over?' and I put the key in the front door and peeked over the fence and lo and behold our tree snapped," said Treasur Dunfee.

Top Tree Services will now be cutting Dunfee's entire tree down.

The company will be spending the next week or so cleaning up fallen trees and branches all over the area.

Major tree limbs in Leslie Groves, George Prout Pool and Hills West also went down.

Ryan Hone, owner of Top Tree Services, said high speed winds are nothing new to area; it's when they come from an unfamiliar direction that causes so much damage.

"60 mph winds happen all the time but when they come out of the Southeast, it's a different direction." said Hone. "The trees aren't as strong and they basically grow and form for that direction of wind, so you get that different direction of wind or if it comes out of the north, that's when they tree limbs break."

Our area is under a severe thunderstorm watch, so stay tuned for updates and make sure to stay indoors and away from windows if a storm does hit.

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