Tieja MacLaughlin Reaches Deal With Prosecutors

The freelance Canadian news reporter charged with felony harassment of the Tri-City Americans' Jackson Playfair reaches a deal with prosecutors to reduce the charge to a gross misdemeanor with the possibility that the case could be dismissed in a year. 

25-year old Tieja MacLaughlin cannot commit any crimes during that time period and will have to undergo counseling. She also must have no contact with Playfair. If MacLaughlin meets all the requirements of the deal, the case will be dismissed in a year.

MacLaughlin did not have to enter a guilty plea.

"So at this point in time I'm not concerned about anything else other than going home. I've been here four weeks. It's been emotionally exhausting, not only for me but for my family too and financially as well. We've taken a big hit so at this point in time I'm just concerned with getting myself back home to Canada," MacLaughlin said after court. 

Prosecutors did say in court that Playfair and his family also agreed to the terms of the deal. MacLaughlin was arrested on January 18th after continuing to contact Playfair after being advised by Kennewick police to stop doing so. 

MacLaughlin had driven to Kennewick from Canada to confront Playfair about his seeing somebody else. Court papers indicate that she threatened to kill him during one conversation. The two had been in a relationship described in court papers as "rocky" since last summer. 

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