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Prosser school district trains all district employees on new social media policy

PROSSER, Wash. - After months of conversation the Prosser school district is following through on its new social media policy.

All district employees have officially been made aware of the social media policy guidelines and expectations including school transportation employees.

Many Tuesday night expressed gratitude towards the school boards commitment to parents and students.

"I know that you passed the new social media policy and I really want to thank you on behalf of my friends, parents, and children that go here," Richland resident and mother said while addressing the board.

While others said there was still more work to be done.

"Imagine that you walked past a truck with messages of judgment and rejection each day. You have the authority to say that these messages are not acceptable. Do your job and put the children first," 14-year-old student, Reid Romain, said while addressing the board.

The Prosser school board encouraged all parents and community members to bring any specific complaints regarding the new social media policy directly to the district superintendent going forward.

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