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Tri-Tech students help restore Navy veteran's home

Tri-Tech and Rebuilding Mid-Columbia

KENNEWICK, WA - Tri-Tech students helped restore some hope in humanity Thursday in Kennewick by fixing up a U.S. Navy veteran’s family home.

Doug and Loree Swartz have lived in the same home on Irby Road for nearly four decades.

The couple used to do work on the house all themselves. This time, the retired couple knew updating their home this time would require some help.

"I applied here a month ago on their application and they said they would help us with painting," Doug Swartz said.

Swartz, a U.S. Navy veteran, and his wife Loree were thrilled when the non-profit Rebuilding The Mid-Columbia chose them.

"We appreciate being able to live in a community like this that cares about other people," Loree Swartz added.

Tri-Tech construction class students took a hands-on approach and teamed up with the non-profit, to get the job done.

Tri-Tech construction student Jaden Flores, 17, and his classmates donated 900 hours to the project. The group spent the last few days, stripping, prepping and priming the Swartz family home while also mastering their craft.  

"Instead of sitting in a classroom and being taught how to use stuff we get to put our hands on the tools, use them and then come out here to help people do stuff they wouldn't be able to do themselves," Tri-Tech construction student, Jaden Flores said. "[Loree] makes us cookies after were done and stuff it's just making our community look better and it's helping the people."

Students and the Mid-Columbia non-profit helped the Swartz family save more than  $3,000 in construction labor and most of all their effort helped shine light and good faith on the community.

"It gives us hope for the future," Loree said. “They’ve just done far and above what we dreamed and we just can’t believe it,”

Students completed the Swartz home project Thursday. It's Rebuilding Mid-Columbia's 44th community project. 

The organization is always looking for more volunteers and donations.

If you need help or want to volunteer visit their website or contact (253) 753-8324

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