Trade Conference Discusses 2013 Cherry Harvest

Hundreds of farmers are at the Yakima Convention Center today for a day for the annual trade conference.

The trade conference allows growers to get in touch with others in the business and stay up to date with the latest technology in farming.

One of the topics today included 2013's cherry harvest season -- growers had a difficult time after a series of up and down weather.

The state fruit commission says growers lost about 5 million boxes due to the weather.

One grower says growing cherries is a gamble, but worth the reward if it's a good season.

"I get pretty excited about new different varieties we can grow, and see how they turn out," said grower Mark Barrett, "Some of them are real winners, so it's kind of fun when you can hit a home run with a certain variety."

About 20 million boxes of cherries are forcasted for this year -- only about 14 million was shipped last season.

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