Tri-Cities Native Makes College Football History, Announces He's Bi-Sexual

A 2013 Southridge High School graduate, who is now a freshman kicker at Willamette University south of Portland is making headlines tonight.

Conner Mertens posted a letter on Twitter yesterday saying he's bi-sexual.

By coming out, he's become the first college football player to come out while currently playing.

Aside from making his announcement, he also had this to say: "Many people have discouraged me from making this public statement, but I see this as an important step in my life and hopefully the life of our community.  I come from a small town that I love.  I have seen the best and worst sides of the Tri-Cities.  Unfortunately, we are a little behind the world on our perception of what it means to like the same-sex.  We have a responsibility to reject harmful sterotypes."

Mertens has informed his team and online reports from Yahoo! and indicate that so far he has not met any backlash by coming out.

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