Tri-City Premier Driving School creates confident snow drivers

The snow and ice remain on the streets Wednesday but local driving school instructors in Kennewick are taking advantage of it.

After the third straight snow day hit the Tri-Cities, driving instructors decided to take action, get outside and help educate the community.

Driving instructor Brandon Gregory of Tri-City Premier driving school says it's one thing to teach someone how to drive in slick conditions in a classroom.

"But it's another to take a student out and show them how different it is on actual slippery conditions," driving instructor Brandon Gregory said.

Record snow now lending to hands-on instruction.

"Our training will actually help drivers be more confident on the road," Gregory added.

A chance for more drivers to understand the difference between wet, slick, and dry.

A tutorial benefiting everyone on the road.

"Not just our drivers ed students but also the community at large," Gregory continued.

Instructors realizing recent road conditions are unusual for most local drivers prompted them to open up their doors to help drivers get a better grip on the road.

"So that was a skill set we felt we were able to offer," Gregory said.

Taking students to areas where conditions are especially bad for them to practice turns, acceleration, and stops.

Something Gregory says everyone should know.

"It's really a matter of training and practice for people to get good at it," Gregory concluded.

Brandon Gregory says many people didn't understand you need to leave triple the room in front of you in order to come to a safe stop, and that many drivers just wanted to slam on the breaks.

Tri-city Premier Driving School will continue to offer these classes to the community as long as the weather conditions continue to call for it.

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