Trios Health Expands Heart Care

Trios Health now has an expanded tool to help treat heart patients.

Thanks to new catheter equipment doctors at Trios now have the ability to look at patients arteries near their heart to see where there could be a potential blockage.

If doctors do find a blockage they place a stent in the artery to keep it open and blood flowing through it.  

Dr. Yunus Moosa who is leading the program at Trios said the procedure is completely non-invasive. They do this procedure by going in through the arm or the groin and the patient is able to return home that same day.

Trios has performed the stent procedure on over120 patients since they began offering it in October.

Dr. Moosa says that before they had to ability to perform the procedure they were having to send about 300 patients a month to different hospitals for more in depth heart care.

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