TSA Pre-Checks Are Here

TSA Pre-Checks have made their way to local airports.

Passengers, chosen at random, will be able to skip the time-consuming wait going through security by not having to take off shoes, belts and electronics out of their bags.

Those eligable for the expedited process include U.S. citizens of frequent flyer programs, members of the U.S. Armed Forces and more.

One frequent flyer says the process is extremly helpful, especially when you're runnign late for a flight.

"I had my two kids and my husband and we went through and we were kind of late and we made our flight and it was great, it really worked with the kids," said Adrienne Rainer, a frequent flyer. 

You know you've been chosen for the pre-check when you print your boarding pass and hand it to the TSA agent to be scanned.

If you have, you are directed to a much shorter line to get through security.

You can also apply for the pre-check program here.

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