Two People Of Interest In Benton County Triple Homicide Are In Custody

It has been nine days since three victims were found shot to death in a farm field in Benton County.

Officers confirmed they now have two people of interest in custody at the Umatilla county jail that they are talking to about the homicide.

A probable cause affidavit stated that 23-year-old Francisco Resendiz Miranda was seen on video survillence at a Pick-A-Pop gas station in Umatilla with the three victims, David Saucado, Abigail Torres and Victoria Torres, hours before they were shot to death in a farm field.

Miranda admitted to detectives that at the Pick-A-Pop he persuaded Saucedo to exit his vehicle and come drink with Miranda and two other men.

According to the Affidavit one of the two other people Miranda convinced Saucedo to come drink with was 23-year-old Christian Hurtado.

Hurtado was arrested on August 12th for failing to appear in court in an unspecified charge.

Investogators confirmed he is a person of interest in the triple homicide case.

A Sheriff's department spokesperson said they are stil actively investigating the case and becasue of it's complexity they are not releasing any more information at this time.

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