Two Suspicious Fires Ignite in Yakima This Morning

From the Yakima Fire Department-

Date of the Incident- 7/1/2014

Time- 4:08AM

  The Yakima Fire Department responded to two fires near the 200 block of West Mead Avenue. The first fire was located 206 West Mead. Fire crews found several tires on fire on the west side of the business location. Flames were impinging on the structure and beginning to enter the building as crews where deploying their fire attack hose lines. The fire was extinguished within 10 minutes of their arrival. No persons or firefighters were injured at this fire.

The second fire, which was at the same time as 206 West Mead fire, was a car fire located in a parking lot on South 2nd avenue - just north of Mead Avenue. The car was completely destroyed and the description of the vehicle is still unknown due to the amount of damage. Crews were delayed in responding to this car fire due to the tire fire a half block away.

This car fire was determined to be suspicious in nature and is open and under investigation at this time.
What was the probable cause?
  The tire fire at 206 West Mead Avenue is determined to be a suspicious type fire. This fire investigation case will remain open until further notice.

If anyone has information about a person or persons who may have been responsible for these fires, please contact Captain Tom Schneider of the Yakima Fire Department at 575-6060.
What was the extent of the damage?
  There were several tires destroyed due to the fire. The building sustained some smoke staining on the exterior and very little heat and smoke damage to the interior of the structure.
What is the initial estimate of the dollar loss?
How many firefighters responded?

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