Umatilla County Commissioners Hold Hearing About Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Umatilla County Commissioners held a public hearing about possiblity placing a one year moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries.

This comes just one week after the city of Hermiston placed a ban on all medical marijuana dispensaries within its city limits until further notice.

The commissioners are putting off making a decision on this until their next meeting.

For over two hours this morning county commissioners hear testimony about medical marijuana.

County staff testified that a one year moratorium is a good idea so that the county has time to figure out issues like zoning, public heath and law enforcement.

Many medical marijuana patients were in attendance and believe the benefits far outweigh those concerns.

Among the patients are two fathers, both advocating for medical marijuana after seeing how it helped their children, both of whom suffer from serious medical conditions.

Jed Hummel's daughter suffers from a neurological disorder as a result of a broken ankle she suffered when she was ten years old.

"The brain is telling the foot that it is still broken. It's hyper sensitive to temperatures to winds to anything touching it. She can't touch it herself without going into tears," said Hummel.

Hummel's said he tried everything from spinal cord stimulators to pain pumps. Nothing worked and his daughter was on a heavy dose of narcotics.

"Brutal amount of narcotics to put into your body, and she was at the point where it was going to start damaging kidney and liver so we had to find a way to get her off the opiates," said Hummel.

Not knowing what to do, Hummel researched medical marijuana online and decided to give it a try.

"She still has pain it hasn't been miracle cure for us. It's been something that was able to replace the opiates and give her some bit of relief that makes it tolerable to go without the pain meds," said Hummel.

Since being off those meds Hummel's daughter is now eligible for a treatment in California.

Dispensary owners were also at the meeting arguing that they are regulated and they are following all regulations.

The commissioners decided not to make any final decision on a moratorium until they can further investigate some of the points brought up today.

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