Union Gap Rejects Pot Businesses

The City of Yakima isn't the only city to ban marijuana businesses -- count Union Gap.

City leaders voted 5-2 against allowing the shops around town.

Despite Initiative 502 passing in the state, both Yakima and Union Gap rejected the initiative back in 2012.

The city says those who oppose the ban argue the city could possibly take control of the drug and take power away from the black market.

However, most people we spoke with today say the ban is in the best interest of the area's youth.

"I think one of the issues is, 'yeah, it's going to bring money into our state,' but which is more important, our children or the income it's going to bring," said Vicki Mandac.

The city did expand their current moratorium a couple more weeks to allow attorneys ample time to draft an ordinance.

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