An Unprovoked Stranger Attacks a 13-Year-Old On A Walla Walla Bus

In a complete random act of violence a 13-year-old Walla Walla boy was punched and hit by a 30-year-old man on a Walla Walla Valley Transit bus while on his way home from school.

Video surveillance from the Valley Transit shows the boy sitting right behind 30-year-old Robert Kreykenbohm.

Kreykenbohm knocks a video game out of the boys hands.

He then turns around and starts hitting the boy.

The boy, who wanted to remain anonmous, said Kreykenbohm was talking about the voices in his head.

The boy then motioned to his friend to head to the back of the bus.

Kreykenbohm continued talking to the boy.

Then Kreykenbohm walked to the back of the bus and starts punching the boy in the head.

That's when two strangers interfered.

One stopping the assault and the other ordering Kreykenbohm off the bus.

The boy had two large welts on the back of his head.

Kreykenbohm is facing fourth degree assault charges, a misdemeanor, and was released form jail the following day.

Kreykenbohm is also not allowed to ride the Valley Transit for four weeks. 

A punishment that was increased by the transit company from just one week after video evidence of the assault was provided to the company.

The boy's mother Silvia said she is devistated by the incident and nervous that Kreykenbohm will be back riding the bus so soon.

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