Update: Kate & Ethan Austin Investigation

We now have an update on two Kennewick children shot to death in their home back in June.

Benton County Coroner John Hansens said Kate and Ethan Austin, brother and sister, did not have any drugs or alcohol in their system at the time they were killed.

12-year-old Ethan died of a single gunshot wound to the head and 16-year-old Kate died of multiple gun shot wounds to the head and torso.

The Kennewick Police Department released a statement that despite specualtion this was a murder/suicide, that is not confirmed and this is still an ongoing investigation.

Law enforcement officials are still waiting on results from forensics to determine where the shots came from.

Two of Kate's best friends told Your Local ABC they are not shocked that Ethan and Kate were not on drugs or alcohol at the time of death but they said it still leaves questions unanswered.

I think it's scary how they were all in their right minds and that something could happen like that but i'm relieved that it (drugs and alcohol) wasn't involved," said Jasmine Hubbard.

"I've been shocked it's been taking so long to figure it out but you know I guess they're working on it," said Katie Dykes.

Police officers are not looking for any suspects in connection with this case.

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