UPDATE: Pasco Police Identify Illicit Solicitors

Both Kennewick and Pasco have been dealing with people knocking on doors and claiming to be city water department employees trying to get people to let them in to test their water.  People were noticing that they were claiming to be employees, but were not wearing any city ID’s, not in city vehicles, etc. Needless to say, this was making residents uncomfortable and suspicious.

The Kennewick Police Department identified one person yesterday, and we were able to identify the other three today.  They work for AquaKleen and, after testing people’s water, they will sign them up for a $6K water filtration system.

They are driving the following vehicles: 

California Plated- Grey 2003 Ford Taurus

California Plated- Grey 2004 Dodge Neon

They have all been warned that their practices of claiming to be city employees are unacceptable. The group have been contacted and warned that they cannot do business in Pasco without the proper licenses, issued by the City of Pasco.  If residences are confronted by these door to door salesmen they are being asked to immediately contact their local police.

Business license are not being granted to the salesman at this date. 

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