Valentine's Day Flower Deliveries

Local floral shop Just Roses said between yesterday and today they will make over 250 floral deliveries.

Drivers pack up their trucks with about 20 different arrangements and then hit the road.

Top three delivery spots are offices, schools and hospitals.

The drivers have to be quick too. Mike Mcalerney from Just Roses is on the move once he gets to his destination.

Mcalerney said he will stop at the shop to re-load about three times throughout the day.

He said his delivery role is small compared to the work everyone else is putting in back at the shop.

Inside the florists are working non-stop to get the arraignments together for delivery and the customers inside the shop.

The shop was a popular place for men today.

Never less than 10 in the shop at once picking out flowers.

In the floral world it's all hands on deck to spread the love on Valentiine's Day.

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