Veteran Checks Off His Bucket List

A year and a half ago David Wells was diagnosed with lung cancer that has since turned into bone cancer.

Not knowing how much time he has left to live David created a bucket list.

The first thing on it is fixing up his yard, to make it a nice place for his wife once he leaves.

Combat veteran Paul Lamm met Vietnam veteran David Wells when a mutual friend asked if he could help reset some hammock poles.

Lamm said that is when David told him that he is fighting bone cancer, and what he really wants is a nice yard to leave behind for his wife.

"When we looked at that it was yeah we can do that, we have enough craftsman ship and skills within our group, then it was like let's get some community involvement and it ballooned from there," said Lamm.

The first step was removing a large tree from the center of the yard.

Lamm called the owner of Top Tree Service, Ryan Hone, who offered to remove the tree at no cost

"He's done his part, not everyone has a chance to serve so I appreciate what he has done," said Hone.

David's wife Grace is stunned by everything that is happening.

"For vets to come out and help other vets with people that volunteer is amazing in itself," said Grace.

David said this is the most humbling thing anyone has ever done for him, and he is more determined now to beat this cancer so he can return the favor.

"I told him if I beat this cancer I will get out there and help them on some of their project," said David.

Grace siad that's true. The community stepping forward has given her husband a renewed sense of hope.

"When they come here and he talks to them and he watches what they doing, his answer is one of these day I'm going to be better enough to where I can help do what they're doing."

All of these people were strangers a month ago, but will now be a part of his life forever.

"We don't do it for recognition, it's just about paying it forward," said Lamm.

David said he asked doctors not to tell him how much time he has left, but now if he does have to go, it's a little less scary.

"It makes it a little bit better knowing that when I do go it will be better for her."

Grace knows David and said he isn't going anywhere before he gets to lay on that hammock and enjoy his new yard.

"He'll be here the day that this is finished."

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