Veteran Flies Upside Down Flag To Signal Distress

A veteran in Kennewick is flying an american flags upside down in front of his house, flying a flag upside down is the international sign of distress.

Veteran Jerry Magnuson said he's doing this because he feels like our county is in distress.

Magnuson said he has had the flag outside his house for about three years now.

He said He is fed up with the government and feels as if the current administration is stripping the people of their constitutional rights.

Magnuson feels as if no one is reporting what is really going on in the White House so he is using the upside down flag to signal to people that our country is in trouble.

Neighbor Becky Marty said she has been noticing the flag for about a year now.

She said she supports freedom of speech and probably agrees with some of Magnuson's views, but she sees the flag as a symbol of our nations entire history and said it is a disrespectful way to show you are upset about something.

"Maybe the country isn't on the path he wants it to be right now, but we are talking about the whole history of our nation and the flag has been there throughout almost the entire history," Marty said. "So for them to be flying it upside down is kind of like there disrespecting not just the current administration but our entire history," she said.  "The United States isn't perfect and I still believe it's the best place in the world to live and I'm glad to be a United States citizen."

Magnuson said he had an extra flag and bucket and gave it to his neighbor to display the second upside down flag.

Although somewhat unique, these flag protests have been taking place more regularly in our area.

A Pendelton man flew his flag upside down in June of last year because of concerns with the Obama administration and another man in West Richland took the same stance after Obama got elected for a second term in 2012.

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