Victim's Parents React to 1st-Degree Murder Conviction of their Son's Killer

Richland teen, John Young, is found guilty of 1st-degree murder for killing Joshua Snapp.

A small victory in getting justice for Snapp, according to his family, after a jury chose to convict the other teen involved, Josh Hunt, of 2nd-degree murder in this killing, instead of the orignal charge of 1st-degree murder.

"Our family is pleased with the verdict, we were a little disappointed with the Hunt trial, we feel like justice was served this time," said Chris Snapp, the victim's father.

Young was also found guilty of a firearm enhancement charge.

He's now facing up to 32 years in prison.

Young looked dizzy when walking out of the courtroom, almost losing his balance.  

Snapp's father said this must be difficult for Young's family.

"At the same time, our hearts are a little heavy for the other family, we know they were hoping for something else," said Snapp.

Both Young and Hunt, who was setenced to nearly 24 years in prison, were believed to have been using drugs at a party in the hours leading up to Snapp's killing near Horn Rapids in Richland on the morning of July 4th.

The two accused Snapp of being an informant, and Hunt claimed that Snapp had stolen marijuana from him and owed him money.

The Snapp family said they've had to listen to the sequence of events regarding Snapp's death over and over again and now they can begin to pick up the pieces and move forward.

"It's almost surreal and at this point were glad it's over," said Snapp. "We just want to move on and remember Josh properly, instead of worry about the trial and everything that's brought up to this point."

The sentencing date is tentatively set for May 2nd.

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