Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

Strutting through Downtown Yakima, crowds of fully grown men trade their tennis shoes for high heels.

It's part of the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event, aimed at raising awareness of gender violence and sexual assault.

"I'm here to participate in this movement and try to call out to others that this is something that's really happening and we need to take notice of," said Heber Molina.

More than 100 men gathered at Millennium Plaza to march this afternoon, including city officials and first responders.

"It's definitely different, but it's for a good cause," said Mayor Micah Cawley, "You've got to raise awareness about rape, and gender inequality and all these things."

In addition to raising awareness, the event also aims to raise money for services offered to victims of violence -- this year, they raised over $2,000.

Most of the men described walking in heels as brutal.

"[does it hurt?] oh yeah it hurts," said Brandon Contreras, "My feet were just smashed."

I even tried my hand at walking on heels, and to say the least, it was painful.

But for these men, a few moments of pain will never equal the amount some women still go through.

"Ive heard it on the news, I've witnessed it, and I think it's not even a fraction of what they go through," said Molina, "So I'm willing to do this for them."

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