Walla Walla Pleads Guilty to Role in NYE Murder

A 21-year-old Walla Walla woman pleads guilty to rendering criminal assistance in the murder of 20-year-old Yesica Olivos overnight on New Year's Eve.

Breanne Rutherford will testify against 17-year-old Carlos Valdez, who is accused of shooting and killing Olivos.

Rutherford admits to driving Valdez from the murder scene on Frog Hollow Rd. in Walla Walla county.

She will also testify against 23-year-old Andres Torres-Rodriguez, charged with rendering criminal assistance for allegedly disposing of the murder weapon.

Olivos' body was discovered the morning of Jan. 3rd and the suspects were arrested at a motel in Spokane on Jan. 7th.

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