Walla Walla Police Department Updates Patrol Vehicles & Mission Statement

The department is updating its Mission Statement as well as replacing its fleet of Patrol vehicles. During 2013, two employee committees worked on selecting and outfitting new patrol vehicles and updating the department’s mission statement.

The police department’s fleet of patrol vehicles is being replaced over the next several weeks after nearly 4 years of use. The Ford Crown Victorias, each with well over 100,000 miles, are being replaced with Ford Police SUVs. The department sets money aside each year in a vehicle replacement fund to ensure funds are available when the cars need to be replaced.

The move to a new model of patrol vehicle was necessary since the Crown Victoria “Police Interceptor”, which the department has utilized for many years, is no longer in production. A committee consisting of a cross section of officers from the department reviewed and evaluated the five vehicles available for police patrol use. After extensive research, which included driving each of the vehicles, the committee unanimously selected the Ford SUV Interceptor as the right fit for WWPD. The Ford SUV is powered by a V6 engine and is significantly more fuel efficient than the current Crown Victoria. Additionally, the SUV’s are all-wheel-drive, which will provide an added level of safety for officers responding to emergency situations during periods of inclement weather. Of the police rated vehicles, the Ford SUV is the second least expensive of the available models. The committee elected to go with a more traditional look for the squad cars—black and white, as the current blue color is not a stock option for the Police Package.

Sgt. Kevin Braman led a committee that reviewed the department’s mission statement to ensure it was truly reflective of the department’s commitment to public safety. The updated statement reflects that commitment:

As partners in our community, we will perform our duties with fairness and respect for all citizens. We will have the courage to do what is right, stand against what is wrong, and return with Honor in all our endeavors.

Police Chief Scott Bieber summed up the changes to the Mission Statement and patrol vehicle fleet by stating, “It is truly an honor for the men and women of the Walla Walla Police Department to serve our community. Each member of the department exemplifies both personally and professionally the department’s three core values of service, pride and integrity. There is great pride in the new patrol vehicle fleet, but more importantly, pride in the level of service this department provides daily to ensure the safety of the community in which we live.”

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