Washington Democratic chair aims to inspire Tri-Cities democrats to run in local elections

PASCO, Wash. - On April 20, the newly elected chair of the Washington State Democratic Party, Tina Podlodowski, visited the Tri-Cities to talk about starting a new era of elected Democrats across the state.

Many Democrats in central and eastern Washington have felt ignored by the party as Republicans win most of the elected positions.

Podlodowski said the criticism is valid and she wants to rebuild the party structure across the state.

"We've been out here to eastern Washington six times in eight weeks, talking to folks, recruiting candidates and really getting people engaged in the electoral process. It's time to turn what used to be a red part of the state blue again, I still remember when Jay Inslee represented the 4th Congressional district here," said Podlodowski.

At the Tri-City Democrats event she encouraged the group to run for local positions like city councils and even school boards.

She said the Democrats of eastern Washington have waited a long time to win elections.

"We really have a tremendous opportunity here in 2017 with local elections, a special election in the state legislature and then taking back those congressional seats from Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Dan Newhouse down the line," said Podlodowski.

Her goal is to have Democrats in every race across the state, not just on the west side.

She wants to recruit the thousands of local residents who took part in the Women's March in January to get involved in the Democratic party.

"Fifty six percent of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings. The Democratic party needs to be the party of the working people again and we intend to do just that," she said.

"There is a new spirit and new agenda for everyone here in this state," said Podlodowski.


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