Washington State Recognizes Today as National AMBER Alert Day

Washington State is joining the country in recognizing today as National Amber Alert day.

January 13 has been designated as National AMBER Alert Day in recognition of the date that Amber Hagerman was abducted from Arlington, Texas and discovered murdered days later.

Started in 1996, there have been over 679 successful recoveries of abducted children nationwide as a direct result of the AMBER Alert System.

Criteria for an AMBER Alert:

- Child is 17 or younger and known to be abducted (not a runaway or throw away).

- Should occur within 4 hours of the event.

- Enough descriptive information to believe issuing the alert will assist in the recovery of the child.

- There should be indication that the child's life or physical well being is in danger.

- Must be investigated by law enforcement.

In cases where AMBER Alert criteria are not met, agencies can still issue Endangered Missing Person Advisories (EMPAs).

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