West Richland Home Owners Left Picking up the Pieces After Home is Destroyed in Fire

A rapid fire detroys a two-story home in West Richland last night and today, homeowners are left picking up the pieces.

"We were both at work and my husband called around 4:30 p.m. and said, 'Just got a call from one of the neighbors that our house is on fire,'" said Annie Goodwin.

When Goodwin pulled up to her home on N Harrington Rd. yesterday, it was fully englufed inflames.

The house, garage and back-shop all went down and the only thing left standing was the chimney.

Fire crews believe the fire started where the garage and back end of the house once stood.

Goodwin's son is a firefighter at Benton County Fire District #4, he's helping his parents comb through the debris to find whatever may be salvagable.

Goodwin says luckily she was able to recover some jewelry and other important items.

"Today we've been going through some things and we've had a couple of fire proof safes and the first one we got into did its job, everything was intact," said Goodwin. 

She says the insurance company has been extremely helpful.

There was an antique fire truck in the garage that burned with everything else.

Goodwin and her husband built this home from the ground up almost 30 years ago.

She says she's sad about the loss but has an uplifting attitude about moving forward.

"We just need to go forward, I can't take care of yesterday but I can deal with today and tomorrow, one day at a time," said Goodwin.

Goodwin does have some animals, luckily the dog and horse were in the back and okay; she has still not seen her cat.

Firefighters tell me they are still investigating but due to the extent of the damages, it's not clear whether they'll ever truly know.

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