West Richland snow melt urges resident flood warning

Many local community members were trying to prepare for a possible flood as the snow melt approaches.

Monday, many of the West Richland residents who live close to the Yakima River say the area floods easily.

Last February West Richland received less snow than what we have now, and the snow melt still caused a big flood.

Now, many people are worried that the flat landscape and heavy snowfall this year could make things even worse.

"I am not very comfortable with that just because it floods over next to the bridges, the roads are pretty flat and making it unsafe to drive. No texting and driving no doing anything else," said West Richland resident Caleb White.

If you're in a flood zone, you should discuss evacuation plans in the case of an emergency, determine if you have flood insurance, and if you have animals... try to plan for their safety as well in case water levels become overwhelming.

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