What Goes Up, Must Come Down: Water Follies Clean-Up

What goes up must come down and the 49th Annual Columbia Cup may be over, but Columbia Park is still full of activity today, as cleanup crews work to get the park back to normal.

Clean-up crews begin putting away tents, fences, garbage containers, trailers, basically, anything that was set up for the boat race weekend.

There's a lot of work to be done but these crews get the job done pretty fast or at least the ones that are here do.

"The hardest thing is getting bodies here on Monday after the race," said Kevin Smith, Water Follies Pit Chair. "Everybody is tired and they spent all week working really hard and trying to get enough bodies down on Monday to get it all cleaned up is hard sometimes."

Crews said over the years, they've packed up their equipment so many times, they've got the routine down.

Despite the blazing sun, things seem to be going well.

"So far good," said Smith. "It's warming up and we're trying to make sure everybody has enough water and liquids to get them through the day."

Mark Allen of Allen Water Rescue Services is also cleaning up a bit but he's tending to the bottom of the river, gathering things that people dropped into the water over the weekend.  

"Years in the past I found peoples glasses, credit cards and drivers licenses and I'll call them up and let them know and see what they want done with them," said Allen.

While it's not exactly the same as finding Kennewick Man in the river, Allen found a pair of Chanel glasses that our 6:30 p.m. anchor, Yasmeen Hassan, lost yesterday.

Event organizers are still going over the number of people who attended the Columbia Cup but they said they believe around 65,000 people came to the event.

That's about on track with the last couple years.

Crews expect to have the park completely back to normal by around Wednesday.

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