Wheelchair Basketball Team Wanted in Tri-Cities

Basketball teams from Spokane and Portland met up in Richland for a friendly game of wheelchair basketball.

It was sponsored by Para Sports in Spokane, and it was a chance for the teams to practice before the big tournament next weekend.

Wheelchair basketball teams from all over the West Coast will be competing in Spokane.

This scrimmage match was organized to to get people in our area to try out for a team.

Teresa Skinner with Para Sports says there are over one hundred people eligible to play the sport in the Tri-Cities.

"They might, the first time seeing wheelchair basketball, go I don't know if I can do that, that's not me, I don't like sports, I don't think I can do that.  And it's just because they've never tried it or experienced it so it's a real common reaction for them to be just basically terrified."

Skinner says you don't have to be an amputee or paralyzed to play, just have some sort of permanent disability such as scoliosis.

She says half of the team members actually walk away when they're done playing.

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