White Roses

Josh Hodgins makes last minute preparations at the Capitol Theatre.

In about 24 hours, his film will premier in front of hundreds of attendees.

It's called, White Roses, a film about domestic abuse.

"I'm a survivor of abuse, and so is my mom," said Hodgins, "Even though this is fictionalized, we based it around reality and things that have happened."

The movie, filmed in and starring locals from Yakima, centers around a modern family where a young girl is sexually abused by her step father.

Hodgins film details emotional and physical outcomes people in the world struggle with every day.

He started writing the script in 1999, going through countless rewrites, wanting to make sure the core message gets through.

"I want them to be able to sit down after and talk to each other," said Hodgins, "They might know someone or themselves who have been a victim and not even know it. I want them to know how to get help and where they can go to get any sort of treatment or anything they might need."

For those of you who plan on attending tomorrow's premier, the theme for the night is 'Hollywood Red Carpet,' be sure to break out your suit and tie and best dress.

Doors for the show open at 6 pm tomorrow, a Q & A and cast meet and greet will be held at the Capitol Theatre following the movie -- tickets are $10.

All proceeds will go to the YWCA.

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