Windy Tri Cities

Today we saw wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour.

Most of the trees around town are now leaning in the direction of the wind.

Ryan Hone, the owner of tree service Top Tree said it usually takes gusts up to 60 miles per hour to knock over a whole tree but that doesn't mean for sure that trees are safe on days like today.

Hone said thinning your trees is a good way to prevent big branches from breaking.

"What we do is go up and slectively remove branches. You don't want to change the entire shape of the tree, the idea is to take weight off of the tree and the branches to keep them from breaking," said Hone.

Hone said this helps the wind move through the trees so it won't cause as much stress on the branches.

Since the Tri Cities is no stranger to strong winds Hone suggested thinning or windsailing your trees because in the long run it is safer and more cost efficient than having a tree through your roof.

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