Woman Dies; Her Organs Will Save Others

26-year-old Raquel Middleton was hit by a car in Kennewick on Saturday and was prounounced brain dead at Kadlec Regional Medical Center.

Being a registered organ donor, matches were found for both of her kidneys.

Samuel Marty, 15, doesn't know Middleton but being a transplant recipient when he was just a baby, he calls her a hero.

"It's pretty amazing because somebody else gets a second chance when yours just ended," said Marty.

Marty was born with half a heart and was given a second chance just days after he was born.

"We were happy because our baby who didn't get a chance to see the outside world was going to get a chance to live," said Becky Marty, Samuel's mother. "In the midst of the happiness, we are definitely aware that there's a family out there that's in grief."

LifeCenter Northwest is an organization that handles all transplant donations in this part of the country.

The organzation said there is a myth that registered donors will not be saved in order to obtain their organs but that is not true.

LifeCenter Northwest told us doctors do all they can to save a life, most of the time not knowing whether a patient is even a registered donor.

The patient must also be on a ventilator to be eligible for donation, so if they die at the scene of an accident, their organs cannot be preserved.

There is also just a 24-48 hour window for a donation once a patient is declared brian dead.

Marty said at times he'll see other teenagers not treating their bodies with the best care, but he understands how important a healthy body is and appreciates his second chance.

"I'm focusing on the healthy things like my cardiologist and putting on weight and keeping my heart normal and taking vitamins," said Marty.

Raquel Middleton's other organs were donated to science for research.

She also donated her long hair to Locks of Love.

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